The Top Five Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

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It was only in this century that we used innovations in technology and science to further the improvements in terms of medicine. Despite all those improvements such as high-tech laboratories, state of the art equipment and more, the traditional type of medicine and healing are still around and are still used by many.

Using Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the traditional ways of healing that is still being used by not just the Chinese but even Westerners. In fact, a study shows that one in five Americans use them. Way before the rise of technology and science, this has already been a form of therapy that has been used for more than 2500 years. It is known that using Chinese Herbal Medicine was not just in China but it was used by various cultures and medical systems throughout the world.

Until now, a lot of people still prefer the traditional type of healing or therapy. A lot of people crave for something natural. Something that is not completely manmade. Generally, using Chinese Herbal medicine can stimulate the healing system of the body which will lead to good health for your body both physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Acupressure massage on the hands and feet - The Top Five Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine
In this article, we will be exploring mainly the top benefits of using Chinese herbal medicine. At the same time, you will discover more about it and probably learn how this can be your new method of therapy and healing.

Top 5 Benefits

1. Reduce Inflammation
Inflammation in the body is alarming because this may cause a wide variety of diseases such as heart disease, autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, lupus), diabetes, and even cancer. By using traditional Chinese herbal medicine, the inflammation in the body can be reduced.

2. Improve Your Muscle Strength and Flexibility

Traditional Chinese medicine consultation room - The Top Five Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine
Have you ever experienced going to the gym consistently, and yet you feel like your muscles and flexibility are not improving? Sometimes what you need is an internal factor such as taking in or consuming Chinese herbal medicine. It is another great way of improving your muscle strength and flexibility.

If you have heard of the tai chi, it is actually a good way to accompany your herbal medicine and regular gym to improve your strength and flexibility.

3. Protect and Improve Your Cognitive Health
Here is the part where Chinese herbal medicine is therapeutic to the mind. As we all know, good health is not just about a healthy body but a healthy mind as well. It is just right that we provide equal importance and care to the mind and the body.

We can achieve that through Chinese herbal medicine because it is able to relieve stress. How is this so? The Chinese herbs are able to regulate the hormones that protect your brain which is able to control the immune response of the body.

4. Few Side Effects
This is one of the best benefits of using Chinese herbal medicine because it has little to no side effects. A lot of the medicine being used right now has a lot of side effects, especially when the dosage is not right. Just a small mistake in the dosage and it can result in unwanted side effects. In addition, the few side effects that come with taking in Chinese herbal medicine are practically harmless.

5. Improve Your Sleep Quality

Moxibustion therapy for respiratory health - The Top Five Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine
One of the factors for having good health is to have good sleep. Without sufficient or quality sleep, your body and brain will have a difficult time functioning, your emotional well-being declines, and your daytime performance is affected.

With Chinese herbal medicine, the quality of your sleep is improved. Furthermore, when the quality of your sleep is improved because of Chinese herbal medicine, your blood circulation improves along with your cognitive strength.

How Do I Acquire Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Before you start to purchase on your own, you have to take note that the preference and the need of every individual must be considered. That is why it is important that you get a consultation.

Here at Westchester Acupuncture, we assess each individual’s needs so we can provide the best-suited Chinese herbal medicine that can cater the individual’s needs. This Chinese herbal medicine can be consumed as tea, powder, capsule, or tincture.

While there are a lot of online stores that sell Chinese herbal medicine, it is always better to seek consultation first. If you don’t have the time yet to visit our store at Hartsdale, feel free to give us a call at (917) 273-8912.