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Acupuncture is perhaps the best-known treatment modality in traditional Chinese medicine. Originating in China more than 2000 years ago, acupuncture began to gain exposure in the United States in 1971 when reporter James Reston recounted his experience with acupuncture in a front-page New York Times article. While reporting on Nixon’s visit to China, Reston underwent an emergency appendectomy. Following the operation, acupuncture was used to manage the post-operative pain. Four decades later, Traditional Chinese Medicine has become a recognized and respected medicine in most US states.

The term “acupuncture” describes a family of procedures involving stimulation of acupuncture points on the body by a variety of techniques. There are hundreds of acupuncture points, each with multiple indications. These points are areas where the body’s energy (qi) can be accessed and influenced to achieve a desired effect. The technique most commonly practiced involves penetrating the skin with thin, solid, metallic needles that are manipulated manually or by electrical stimulation.

At Westchester Acupuncture, we use surgically sterile, single-use, stainless steel needles. We never reuse or re-insert an acupuncture needle. For our pediatric patients, other forms of acupuncture are commonly employed such as, acupuncture point stimulation with a hand-held electric stimulator. This imparts a mild “buzzing” sensation on the skin. Because children respond well to cutaneous stimulation, this form of physical stimulation is often sufficient to achieve a therapeutic effect.

Once the needles are inserted, the patient may feel a mild, achy sensation or a feeling of slight pressure at the site of insertion. This ache is a normal qi sensation. Most patients report feelings of relaxation and calm during and following an acupuncture treatment.

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